One message that has come out of COP26 loud and clear is that we have to work together to make a difference. “Work together to deliver” is the call to action.

We have witnessed through the media in depth, shocking coverage that has bought the enormity of this global crisis into our homes and onto our phones. People from many nations have told us how a 2 degree temperature rise will mean disaster to them and their families. How it may well obliterate their homes, their livelihoods and probably their loved ones too. COP26 has made so many appreciate the urgency of this situation and now is time for action – not next week, next month, next year. NOW.

Working together is key. We can’t do it all but together we can do our bit and the sooner we start the better. Let’s adopt lifestyle practices that we can control. Ones that offset our carbon footprint – choose eco shopping preferences and invest in some personal eco-therapy – actions that will make a positive difference to both our own and the planet’s health.

Like ripples in a pond, the more we contribute, the bigger the difference we will make.


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