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Business cards are great

Neat statements of who we are and what we do, they harness design to give us confidence, foster new relationships – and increase our sales.

But they are incredibly wasteful

A mind-blowing 88% are thrown away within a week of production.

mYcards replace waste with rewilding.

Our profits fund projects that increase biodiversity and provide opportunities for people to benefit natural spaces.


Per Year


Make mYcard your own in the design suite. Add clickable contact details, logo, perhaps a nice photo… Share and edit as often as you like. £36 covers everything – including the trees.



By some cruel law of fate, your business cards are never where you are. Unlike your phone… Avoid awkward fumbling and the social media vortex by sharing your mYcard in three taps. What’s more, when you change your mYcard, it can be automatically updated with everyone you shared it with!


Your business, network and trees. Who knows, your mYcard could kindle a beautiful relationship. Take things further with rewilding resources and retreats on our blog.

• Reduce waste and pollution

• Rewild natural spaces

• Connect digitally, simply

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