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Frequently asked questions

I've been given a code to test the mYcard app. How do I redeem the code?

mYcard - Redeem a codeClick the green mYcard logo in the top left of the Home Screen within the mYcard app. You’ll be taken to a page where you can ‘Redeem offer’. Click that and paste in the supplied code, press ‘Return’ on the keyboard and you’ll be given a free subscription.

How do I create a mYcard?

Watch this video for a simple overview…

Which is the best app/method to use to send a mYcard to someone else?

If you’re in front of the person that you want to send it to, the best way to send it is via Airdrop. If you’re no longer with the recipient, use Apple Messages, WhatsApp or Email.

How can I setup mYcard for a big team or company?

Coming Soon… We’re working on a way for you to buy bulk subscriptions. We’ll then provide you with a list of codes to provide to your team so that they can ‘Redeem a code’ within the app.

Is there an Android App?

Not yet. We’re currently working on an Android version of the App. We’re starting-off small and we’ve grown the seed of an idea for Apple devices, but we still need to do a bit more development for our Android app. It won’t be too long, so please keep in touch!

How do I share one of my contacts with another mYcard user?

From the Home Screen, click ‘Contacts’. Click the the contact that you wish to share with another mYcard user. Underneathe their card, you’ll see some icons which allow you to dial or email the contact etc. On the far right hand side, you’ll see the mYcard logo. Click that and you will then be able to share that contact with another mYcard user.

Share a mYcard contact with another mYcard user

Why is the subscription a one off annual fee and not a monthly subscription?

The AppStore insists that we do it this way. The subscription gives you a limitless amount of business cards for just £36 – compared with the several hundreds of pounds it would cost to print the same amount of business cards. At the same time you are contributing to an important cause so hopefully this makes this feel a worthwhile investment.


We’re still growing…

The biggest Oak trees start as tiny acorns and mYcard is the same. We are starting small to build big. Below you’ll see some challenges that we are aware of with the current app, as well as things we’re planning to do in the future. With your help and feedback, we will create something exceptional!

Android App

Multiple platforms provide the perfect environment for mYcard to truly flourish.

Contact Index

Currently, the mYcard contacts appear in alphabetical order of the name of the contact. We're working on ways to make it easier to find the contact you're looking for.

Corporate Accounts

We'd like to make it easier for our users to sign-up to mYcard at a corporate level with multiple users.