Being with nature can benefit mental health

mYcard is actively reinvesting profits raised from subscriptions in valuable re-wilding projects.

mYcard is pleased to be working with the following partners…

Cornwall Wildlife Trust is reversing nature’s decline in Cornwall, on land and at sea, for a wilder future for Cornwall – a future where nature thrives, our wild places are protected, and people take positive action for wildlife and our environment.

Wildflower Collective uses wildflower conservation and cultivation as a catalyst for change. We aim to reverse biodiversity declines, mitigate climate change, connect people to nature and build sustainable business opportunities.

We have lost 97% of our wildflower meadows in the UK since WWII. By working together, our ambition is to create 1 square metre of wildflower habitat for every resident in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. That’s the equivalent of 57 rugby pitches (57 hectares).

Plant One Cornwall Plant One is a not-for-profit tree planting business that focuses on the threat of climate change by taking direct action. Our unique approach empowers businesses, landowners and communities to have a direct and tangible effect against climate change on a local level.

Cornwall has the lowest tree cover in the UK, and the UK limps behind Europe in its canopy cover. We’re on a mission to restore Cornwall’s biodiversity, habitat for native fauna and to create a nature-focused challenge to the climatic threats we all face

The Little Environmental Action Foundation (The LEAF Charity) is a little charity with a big ambition – planting trees to combat the climate and biodiversity crisis. In May 2021 LEAF led the most biodiverse 100% native tree planting event in East African history. Their research programmes help improve restoration efforts, maximising the ecosystem services derived from our projects and benefits to local people.